Anyone else pumped up for September 9th?

For the Apple release presser...

I'm hoping that the 6S+ can enhance my looping setup (instead of Air2 or Mini).

Also, very intrigued at the idea of a possible iPad Pro. Probably out of my range though :(


  • I'm quite interested in the iPad Pro too... could be a really cool platform for music. Loopy Masterpiece, now with 256 tracks =)

  • Force touch. Oh, yeah, baby.

  • iPad pro could be so good. I hope they manage to stick in 4gb ram and USB-C port. That should be enough to make some serious music; I'm also daydreaming about logic for iPad or MainStage.

    And of course, Loopy Masterpiece on a 12 inch screen =D

  • Highly unlikely with a USB C port knowing Apple with iOS devices with the 30 pin and lightning but imagine the possibilities.

    USB C dock with atleast 2 USB 2.1/3.0, gigabit ethernet, camera connection kit built into the USB hub (smart sensing) and also allows charging iPad while CCK is in use.

    Heck some company should make a 30 pin/Lightning USB CCK Hub which simultaneously allows charging just like the Apogee ONE does.

  • well, Apple went all in with USB-C on the new MacBook, so here's hoping :-)

    and the connection is tiny,

  • Knowing Apple and their streamlined products I believe the iPad Pro will still have the lightning port, but anything can happen just like the iPhone 6/plus power button moved from the top right to the right side and camera lens not flush with the back.

    Wonder how big the iPad Pro battery is tho. The Air 2 has a 7340mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2" has a 9500mAh battery. I would think a 9000-10000mAh battery.

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