Midi send data to Quneo or other controller

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Hey guys. I figured since this was a loopy specific question I would pose it over here instead of the Audiobus forum.

Is there a way for loopy to send midi data to say my Quneo? It would be pretty awesome if I could see what loops had loops and which ones were playing or muted or empty. It would give a good visual feedback when playing live.

I know with the audiobus remote it does this now really well but it would a nice feature


  • I don't think this is possible as of right now. However like you said, it is sending some kind of data out in order to work with audiobus remote, so maybe it can happen in the future! But no dice now.

    A workaround would be to set up something clever on the Quneo. Maybe you can program the color of the pads per each time you press it?

  • Sorry about the delay - indeed, this isn't a thing right now. I may be able to do something like it in Loopy Masterpiece at some stage, but for now, Remote's the way to go.

  • @Michael I know this is an old thread but just checking in to see if the above would be possible now, like 4 years later?

    I sold my quneo but I have a Launchpad and it would be really cool if I could get colored feedback to the Launchpad as to the status of the loops. ie, recording/overdub, empty, mute, playing.

  • Hey - I'm afraid it's not gonna happen in Loopy, but Loopy Pro will do this. I got myself a Launchpad in order to give it some special attention.

  • @Michael thanks Michael. Really looking forward to Loopy Pro. I hope I can hold off on buying an RC-505. hehe

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