Sum input to mono effect?

Hi everyone! so, I finally got my Ipad and softstep :)

I'm configuring along a Scarlett 8i6 (planning to move to an Akai EIE for this setup)

so far I managed to:

  • Recieve inputs 1 and 2 (microphone and guitar, respectively)

  • Route 3 loops for voice and 3 for guitar (via Audiobus)

  • Sending the voice loops thru Turnado > MiMix (Outputs 1-2), and the guitar loops straight to MiMix (Outputs 3-4)

I realized that, as expected, the voice loops come out on just one channel... so I was wondering if there's any way I could turn it into a centered mono signal, so it doesn't sound unbalanced before it reaches Turnado?

is my explanation clear enough? thanks!

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