Solution to CCK simultaneous midi use and charge! (?)

Anyone use a USB Y cable to charge your iPad and use a Midi controller at the same time? Would this work? Couldn't I plug the power end into a powered hub or into the wall jack provided by Apple?


  • @MikeP - not possible as far as I know. Basically the CCK is a USB hub (a single port hub). To charge the iDevice you would need something that connects in between the iDevice and the CCK. This is what the existing interfaces ( that charge the iDevice) do, the charging functionality has to connect before the USB hub circuit.

  • @MikeP, Could you use the $69.99 IK Multimedia iRig PowerBridge to charge your iPad and send MIDI and audio to your controller? I'm unsure whether it works for non iRig MIDI devices, but here's its compatibility list:

    iRig Mic HD
    iRig Keys
    iRig Pro
    iRig HD
    iRig Pads
    iRig MIDI 2

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