Is now the time to upgrade to iOS8 ?

Hey guys, I still have iOS7 on my iPad Air 1 because of the many issues people had with iOS8 and music creation on their iPads. Now I am wondering if the time has come for me to move to iOS8. I want to do this before I can only upgrade to iOS9. Is it safe now to upgrade to 8? Will LoopyHD work well? Any known issues? Thank you very much!

Best iOS version for music making
  1. Which iOS version is best for music making in 2015?4 votes
    1. iOS7
    2. iOS8
    3. can I go back to iOS6?


  • @Bloopenheimer said:
    I want to do this before I can only upgrade to iOS9.

    I think this is the important part.

    8.1.4 is very stable for music performance from what I hear. I just upgraded to iOS 8 this week and have not had any problems on my iPad mini retina.

  • It's a great question!

    I'd say go for iOS 8: It's mostly solid. Inter-App Audio is still not good, but that's no worse on iOS 8 than on iOS 7. It's definitely your best bet with iOS 9 looming - while we're waiting for the inevitable iOS 9 bugs to be sorted, you'll at least have a wider selection of compatible apps on iOS 8, than iOS 7.

  • @Michael, are you expecting significant issue with iOS 9? It will land next week and it would be good for users to know how important it is to avoid the upgrade. or perhaps go for it?

  • @Hmtx: For Loopy, there seem to be no issues at all on iOS 9, although it's early days yet, of course.

    For Audiobus, we've submitted a new build that works around some new security limitations which prevent apps from detecting whether other apps are installed - that'll be out hopefully by the time iOS 9 lands. That's the only major issue we're currently aware of with iOS 9, aside from the annoyance of confirmation dialogs whenever you switch apps via the Connection Panel. We've worked around that a little too, with the newest Audiobus SDK, but not all apps support that just yet, so that will continue to be an irritation for a while. In general through, it looks like we're okay so far.

    As always, though: the second mouse gets the cheese =) Always better to give it a month or so if what you do is mission-critical, let other people work through the kinks. We'll probably put out an announcement prior to the 16th.

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