Can We Have A Playlist Feature?

Loopy Creator-
First of all, let me give you a huge thumbs up on Loopy. As an electrical engineer/musician the features, simplicity and human interface are amazing. We are using it for live performance in a duo of Guitar and Sax. Starting with a single sampled loop, it allows us to improvise new parts and create completely new song forms spontaneously in a live situation. For an improvisational musician, to be able to create a whole new composition in a live situation starting from a sampled loop that you have never even played over before in such an effortless way is miraculous. It is perfect in every way except one............Can you add a PLAYLIST feature that would allow multiple playlists ("set" lists for the gigging musician) to be created ahead of time and a NEXT SONG BUTTON (midi controllable) so that fumbling through the file window is not necessary between songs. This type of file management capability is the only significant limitation for the live musician. I would buy Loopy again just to get that feature.
Loop On my friend,


  • ooooh, such a great idea! I agree. MIDI assignable "next session" button would be a good addition

  • I don't use it that way, but this is a fabulous idea.

  • That's a lovely idea, @Thorp (and thanks for all those nice things you said =)).

    It's something I'm already planning for Masterpiece... I'll put some thought into how it can be rolled back into Loopy in the short term; no guarantees, as it may not really fit into what's there, but worst case scenario, it'll definitely be in Masterpiece, with bells on.

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