Creating Templates/Presets?

Hi! Is there a way to create templates or presets with EMPTY loops? Example: Tempo: 110 bpm; 4/4 Measure, Loop 1 = 2 Bars, Loop 2 = 4 Bars, Loop 3 = 4 Bars, Loop 4 = 16 Bars and so on?


  • yes, i just did it.and saved this layout as a session. now i can load it whenever i want and make overdubs, start and stop tracks or the overall session, or solo tracks and so on and so forth.

  • @owi I have one more question - does the session save the "overdub after recording" option? I don't have Loopy yet, but I will pretty soon - probably tomorrow

  • this setting is not session based. you can find this parameter in preferences/track management.

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