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Management of loops behavior

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Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for my bad english which is not my first language and also, if the following questions have already been discussed in this forum and i didn't find it…

I own a Jamman and i'd like to switch to Loopy for my musical activities.

I have no particular problem to control Loopy with midi bindings, whether it is with a hardware controller (FCB1010->irig midi) either with an ipad midi control app (S1MidiTrigger) via a midi router app (midiflow) : loopy does more or less what I want…
Except for the following :

I use the Jamman with prerecorded loops which can be of various lengthes, having different tempos and various time signatures. I can chain several of them by selecting with a footswitch. The good thing is that when i select a new loop, it starts only when the current one reaches its end, which is really convenient : no need to be right in time for a perfect chaining of the loops…
To be clear in my explanation, this is what the Jamman manual says :

To switch to Loop 2, press the UP footswitch at least two seconds before the end of Loop 1. Once Loop 2 is selected, the display will show a flashing 2, indicating Loop 2 is cued up to play once Loop 1 finishes

I also have been unable to find out how to manage, in Loopy, these 2 other Jamman features :

Extracts of the Jamman manual :

Stop modes:

Loop Phrases can be stopped in two ways: Immediately stop when the STOP/TEMPO footswitch is pressed or finish playing through to the end of the phrase and stop.

Loop / Single Phrases

Any phrase recorded into the JamMan can be played in two ways: either as a continuous Loop, or as a Single “one-shot” sample. Single phrases are designed to play through only once and stop. All phrases are recorded as loops first but they can be changed to a Single if desired and can always be changed back to Loops later without harming the phrase.

I really love Loopy. If i could use Loopy same way i use the Jamman, i mean particularly with these 3 abilities : starting a new recorded loop right after the end of the current one (by selecting it anytime before it has to start), stopping a loop until the end is reached and playing a loop once (no loop) that would be awesome and let me abandon the Jamman…

Maybe all of that can be done in Loopy… My reading of the help was not enough attentive : I am sorry about it.

Thanx in advance for any responses, help, tricks or ideas…




  • Hi @Donall - thanks for the kind words =)

    Try turning on all the Count-In and Count-Out settings (see this comment https://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/comment/9513/#Comment_9513 for a screenshot).

    Loopy doesn't currently do one-shots, but Loopy Masterpiece Edition will.

  • Thanks a lot for this quick answer. I'll have to try these settings soon...


  • Hi Donall, to answer your question on beginning/end a loop only at the beginning of a cycle, this is indeed possible by setting the "Cout-in/out mute" option on (requires you switch "Synchronize tracks" on also).
    Say you're playing a verse live, and you want to switch to the chorus loop at the end of the current verse, then you can tap both the verse loop (to tell it to stop when it will arrive at the end of its cycle) and the chorus loop (to tell it to begin when the same end of the cycle is reached): cool !!!
    Unlike the Jamman there is no question of 2s, you can tap anytime you want between the start and end of the cycle.
    To keep your hands free, I guess you can perform these taps by Midi or BlueTooth footswitch (eg if you're playing guitare), but I didn't checked whether these actions are allowed.

    PS: I had a look at the Jamman before switching to Loopy, but even the Stereo model (with track-up and track-down buttons) does not allow you to be hand free when playing live, you need to push the "store" button (damn it ;), hopefully Loopy has a much better designed ;)

  • I forgot to mention that when in this Count-in/out mute mode, you can still launch a loop without having to wait for the end of the current cycle: just tap twice.
    Consistently with the behavior of Loopy in general, the loop started in the middle of a cycle, say at bar 2, will start playing the current (2nd) bar (it will not start from the first bar while the other loops are playing the 2nd bar).

  • @vberry said:
    Consistently with the behavior of Loopy in general, the loop started in the middle of a cycle, say at bar 2, will start playing the current (2nd) bar (it will not start from the first bar while the other loops are playing the 2nd bar).

    ...unless you turn on the new "Play from start" feature in track management settings =)

  • Thanks Michael for this new interesting function!
    To make it more precise to other readers wrt the question above, when using the "Play from start" function you can either be:

    • in synchronized tracks mode, in which case the loop will start after the time indicated in the "Cout-in quantize" (this can be the current clock length, a 1/4, a 1/2, 1, or several bars (but not having to wait for the cycle of the loop to end (which is useful if the loop is several bars long, like a chorus or a verse).
    • in unsynchronized mode, it starts immediately when you're taping the loop. Nice!. Not surprise it was a wanted feature :)
  • euhhh,
    after more tests, I'm wondering whether to start a loop immediately, it's not rather the Count in/out mute function that is important (it should be off), rather than the Synchronize Tracks option.

    Michael, I'm not sure what does it mean to have Synchronize tracks to be 'on' when Count-in/out mute is 'off', because then, I can start any loop as soon as I touch it, even in between two beats (I tested by lowering the tempo down to 30 to be sure).

    Could you explain it please?

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