Amp Modelling before Loopy?

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Basically a yes/no scenario. Can i use the likes of Amplitube/Ampkit/GarageBand before the signal gets to Loopy with the iPod Touch? Recording Amp Modelled guitar as opposed to raw guitar?

If not, it's no biggie, cos i can use my PodXT, but it would be nice to be self contained within the iPod.

Cheers Folks.


  • Not yet, Jamiao, but with the release of Audiobus fast approaching (right Michael?!) this should be possible in the near future. The only caveat being that Audiobus capability will have to be written into the amp modeller app- but with such a competitive market I don't see this being an issue at all :)
  • You got it, @thatsRayor =) (And yep, fast indeed)
  • Just a quick question partially related to this thread - something that I am not able to test personally but was wondering about.
    Equipment: Guitar (1. iRig)-> iPod + Amplitube (2.??)-> iPad + Loopy?
    Possible? Viable? How to connect them? Basic jack-jack cable?
  • Yep, this will work, lotusmonk. Of course then you need two iOS devices and two interfaces (iRig + something for the iPad), and the iRig is limited in terms of quality.

    You would use the mini-jack headphone output from the iRig to go into whichever interface you choose for the iPad.

    Once Audiobus is here this will all be unnecessary - I can't wait!!
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