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Loopy, impaktor etc...Church jam

e played this mini festival in Banbury (UK) last night.
First of all I realised I was playing (solo) on Friday rather than Saturday only 2 hours before my set was to start (close call).
Then, when I arrived with my tongue hanging out there was almost no people to play to. The place was magnificent however so I was only too happy to play with the acoustics of this old building. They say that when playing places like churches, reverb is part of the music. They're right!
Because I had over an hour slot I decided to play more ambient stuff and to include my favourite percussive app called impaktor which is triggered by the rubber epad you'll see me holding at the start of the video. Needless to say I was also glad that I brought my video gear and managed to capture some of the performance as the organisers went out of their way to make the place look right.


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