feature requests

Hi, thanks for the great app, I'm using it quite a lot lately. These are some thoughts that have come to mind along the way, which would be quite helpful (for me!):

--Default button for panning left/right %'s that sets it back to center. Some easier way of immediately returning an individual loop's volume/pan/decay settings to their default values.

--I would like to see the press-hold time decreased about as much as possible...a quick-tap to create a new track/start recording is pretty damn fast...past however long that generally takes (I'm guessing a fraction of a second?), you could safely set track settings to ahead and come up since that's clearly what I'm wanting after holding down this long.

--solo track button! No way to solo a track that I'm aware of, short of individually turning off the other tracks. Just a small "S" below each track or could have it pop up after long-press.

These would all greatly benefit my workflow, perhaps others, just throwing out my 2 cents. Thanks

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