Automatic clock length?

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Hi all- I'm not sure I even know how to ask this question right- Is there a way to let the clock length set itself? So say I record a 4-bar beat with a shaker. Later in the song I want to record a chorus and then solo over it. I don't think I would know what multiple of the original 4-bar loop I will need- maybe 8, maybe 16. Is there a way to just start recording loop 2 and turn it off near the end of the chorus and let Loopy decide what multiple it is? Hope that makes sense


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    Hey thesamhill,

    I'm not sure if this is a documented feature but after some experimentation I may have a solution for you. If you set the clock length longer than your loop (or at least as long as it could be- say 16 bars), you can tap the loop while recording and Loopy will starting looping (quantized to the nearest beat or bar I think). So if you only record for 8 bars and tap the loop just before the 9th bar starts, you will have a perfect 8 bar loop.

    This will be even easier when the new update hits and we can configure a count-in length independent of loop length. ;)
  • Thanks thatsRayor, that's what I was looking for. Here's where I'm at:

    If you turn off "Count-In Recording," you start recording pretty much immediately upon punch in. And it will still quantize the loop to keep it in time. Which is awesome in itself. However- with "Count-In Recording" turned off, if you tap out just before 13, you end up with a 3-measure loop. Which is OK sometimes and not OK sometimes, performance-wise.

    If you set clock length at 16 you can tap out just before 5 or 9 and get a perfect 4- or 8- bar loop. Tap-out just before 13 gets you a 16-bar loop with 4 measures of blank space. Cool! That's what I was looking for.

    Configurable count-in will be awesome. I guess the only remaining question would be whether it is possible to set a default clock multiple?
  • The other thing you'll be able to do with the update, is tap twice - once to start the count-in, and then again to start straight away. (it really should've already been in the current version, but wasn't - I think currently, it just cancels).

    Then tap again to punch out.
  • Awesome. Hope that update comes soon- maybe I'll use my influence with Apple to... sit here and wait impatiently like everyone else is doing :) Thanks again.
  • Me too =) It should be pretty much any day now, though. Probably. Maybe.
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