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just bought a jamstik+ and tried the jamstk+ app and loving it....now I'm a bit confused on how to use it with audiobus and loopy am I missing and app not sure how to set everything up please help



  • As posted in responce to your post here: http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/comment/9443/#Comment_9443

    @Ganthofer said:
    Jamstikguy77 - I don't own a jamstik(+), but it is basically a midi controller. So to use it with AudioBus and Loopy, you will need a music App (audio generating, MIDI controllable) that supports AB, e.g. ThumbJam. You can search through the list of Apps that support AB here https://audiob.us/apps/ . You'll have to delv deeper into the App description/details to see if it can be played by an external midi controller.

    You might post over on the AB forum to see what others are using, as I believe there are a few there that have the original Jamstik and maybe some with the new.

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