Loopy messing with DrumJam

Two nights ago I had Loopy and DrumJam working together nicely. I set Loopy as the master and DrumJam as slave. I'd start a session in Loopy and DrumJam would automatically start and be clocked with my loops in Loopy.

Today, I re-opened the same sessions (both Loopy and DJ) and the BPMs are freaking out. First, starting the session in Loopy causes both apps to send BPMs veering wildly from way too slow to way too fast (no patterns to the freak outs). So, I rebooted my iPad and started fresh. Same thing.

I then disconnected the input/output connections in both apps and restarted DJ. It works fine if it's the only app that is open (BPM remains steady), but as soon as I open Loopy (with no I/O connections at this point), DJ starts the BPM freakout again.

Also strange: even though I've set Loopy as the master, once I go into one of the BPM freak outs, I can only stop the session by stopping in DrumJam (Loopy's play/stop button is not functional).

Using Loopy HD V1.4.16 and DJ V1.3.2

Any thoughts about what might settle things down?


  • Hey @lukesleepwalker - have you made sure you don't have a clock send cycle? (as in, Loopy sending to DJ, and DJ sending to Loopy). That's usually how these things happen.

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    Yes, I made sure to only send clock to DJ and receive clock in DJ. In the "beat indicator" in DJ it constantly flashes a "Tempo Change Pending" even though I'm not changing the tempo.

  • What you describe is a duplicate connection, I'm afraid - you need to connect in one direction only: either from Loopy to DJ, OR from DJ to Loopy. Note that that's irrespective of which one's the master and which is the slave, as you can still connect from either end, either by pushing messages from Loopy to DJ, or by pulling messages from Loopy, from DJ. If you do both, then DJ's going to get double the clock messages, which will mess with the clock.

    So, try this: in Loopy, don't select any clock destination. Make sure everything's unticked. In DJ, select Loopy as the clock input. Then start Loopy's clock.

  • OK, that did it. I had to deselect the Clock Outputs in Loopy. Once I did that, DJ sync'd correctly. Not entirely intuitive, but oh well. Thanks for your help!

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