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I just bought a jamstik+ and tried the jamstk+ app and loving it....now I'm a bit confused on how to use it with audiobus and loopy am I missing and app not sure what to do please help



  • @Jamstikguy77 - I don't own a jamstik(+), but it is basically a midi controller. So to use it with AudioBus and Loopy, you will need a music App (audio generating, MIDI controllable) that supports AB, e.g. ThumbJam. You can search through the list of Apps that support AB here https://audiob.us/apps/ . You'll have to delv deeper into the App description/details to see if it can be played by an external midi controller.

    You might post over on the AB forum to see what others are using, as I believe there are a few there that have the original Jamstik and maybe some with the new.

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    I had a lot of fun with exactly this issue. As @Ganthofer suggests, using Jamstik connect to the midi input of Thumbjam gives you plenty of instrument choices then put Thumbjam in the input slot for Audiobus and Loopy HD in the output slot and away you go. It even works on my antique Ipad 2 which runs out of steam with Auria. Loopy HD is a terrific way of getting the Jamstik into gear.

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