[Help] Suggest a setup for someone new to looping

Hi folks, I've been playing around with a simple looping pedal (RC30) for about a year, and now I feel ready to graduate to something more comprehensive.

I've spent some time researching hardware and watching videos of people's setups, but I'm still not sure what equipment is best for me. I want the setup to be as compact as possible, and I need XLR mic and guitar inputs. Other than that I'm not sure what to get. From what I've gathered, I need foot pedals for controlling loopy (if I want to go hands-free), and a mixer for routing all the audio and adding effects. It would also be great to have something tactile for controlling drums. I already have a mic, guitar, and amp.

The equipment I'm currently considering are:
Behringer Xenyx 1204USB 12-Channel USB Mixer
IK Multimedia iRig Blueboard OR Behringer Midi Foot Controller FCB1010
MPK Mini 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller (for drums and synth)

Are these good equipment choices for the needs of someone new to looping? If not, what would you suggest (keeping the whole package under $500)?
Could I use the keyboard to control Loopy and forgo the foot controller?
What other auxiliary equipment will I need? (cables, lightning to usb converters, etc)

Thanks so much for helping me get into the world of live looping!


  • I've connected my hardware jungle to the Focusrite ITrack Dock for ipad (~200€): condensor mic/guitar/Launchkey usb midi keyboard controller with 16 pads (~100€)/active nearfield monitors/phones/1 male-female xlr cable for mic and 2 xlr-jack cables for the monitor outputs. The male-male jack lead you already have for your guitar, and the midi cable comes with the Novation Launchkey.

    Only just set this up. Haven't yet worked out the Audiobus linking between Loopy, Impaktor and Vocalive, and how to link the 16 pads on the Launchkey49 to Loopy.

  • Have a look at Novation Launchpad. I suppose it can be linked to Loopy. I'll know more next week. I bet you can use your BlueBoard. Interested to how you get on :-)

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