Playing two loops

So I've been using Loopy for a few months now. In the past, when recording completed songs, I've been able to tap two loops at once to simultaneously turn them on. However, now when I tap two loops at once, neither of them begin to play and one loop will begin to re-record. (The orange line begins circling it.) Someone please help! I don't remember turning anything off or adjusting anything in settings.


  • @Jpn11189 - this does appear to be a bug.

    @Michael - works fine on my iPhone 5/iOS 8.4/LoopHD 1.4.16. On my iPad Air(1)/iOS 8.3/LoopyHD 1.4.16 I get what @Jpn11189 describes and his video shows.

  • @Michael - it appears to only show this behavior on the 6 and 12 layouts on the ipad. On the 9 layout I have not gotten it to fail. The iPhone seems stable on all (6, 8, 9, 12).

  • Oh wow, yep, that's a bug! Oddly I can't reproduce it on my iPad Air 2, but I pulled out the old iPad 2 and sure enough, it's toggling overdub. I'll get that fixed; cheers for the heads-up!

  • Okay, found and fixed ready for the next release.

  • edited August 2015

    @Michael said:
    Okay, found and fixed ready for the next release.

    When is said 'next release?'

  • I have that too on air 2. @Michael where did you get yours? I want it! Swap? This way you'll be able to reproduce all of the bugs :P

  • Sorry about the delay lads!

    It'll be in about a week, maybe two, depending on App Review (but could be less - App Review's been lightning-fast lately).

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