Recording vocal track with metrenome

Hi... I'm fairly new to loopy... And I'm just trying to record some loops but as I record a vocal track it's recording the metrenome audio as well... Is there a way to record audio with out recording the metrenome beat as well - without headphones that is... because I'll be using an instrument sometimes.


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    Not really possible without headphones. It's the nature of the iPad and iPhone. The mic is right next to the speakers. So if you have audio playing, it is going to be recorded by the mic.

    If I were you I would stick one earbud in one ear so you can hear the beat but also hear yourself sing. When you have headphones plugged in you can also turn on "monitoring" in the settings. That way you hear the actual audio being recorded

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    @Krystle - without using headphones, you will need to use an external microphone that is directional and the metronome/speaker needS to be in front and aimed at you. This way the metronome sound is aimed at you but not in the direction the microphone picks up sound.

  • Ok... thanks for that.

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