Need a good MIDI Clock bars/beats/form structure display

My group often uses layers of loops with different lengths combining 6 loopstations (multiple Loopy, VoiceLive Touch 2 and RC505) all sync'd to MIDI Clock from a master RC505 which provides pre-recorded drum/percussion loops used to form the foundations for each song.

We often record long loops in Loopy which give us our song form structure. For example, one of our "songs" has a 28 bar "form". The drum loops used for that song are 2 bars long. (note: this can cause a problem when recording the first loop which I'll address in another post).

The long form lengths make it difficult for us to always know "where we are" at a particular point in the form. This problem could be easily solved by an app (or device) which displays bars and beats as large text which consumes the entire screen, or maybe a grid display. In the example I described above, the grid would contain the 28 bar form. The app would derive it's clock from the RC505 master.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



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