The most similar software to Loopy app I can run on iMac?

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Hi all,

Loopy is just totally amazing, exactly what I've been looking for :)

Just wondering if anyone knows of anything similar out there I can run on my setup at home? Been trying to wire logic up to be a looper for ages and never quite got there finding it over complicated...loopy works in exactly the way I want. I know there's the option of buying an interface for the dock of my iphone and doing it that way -but I have a motu soundcard and mics already setup with an iMac home, so would be nice to have loopy or something similar running on the desktop :)

Any advice much appreciated...




  • I don't know of anything as simple as loopy for the mac. Perhaps Michael will release a mac version one day?
  • Ableton Live 8
  • I presumed the op didn't want to spend 500 bucks for a mac looper. :)

    Windows users should check out Ambiloop. I miss it to this day, years after jumping to Mac. it's free and just about perfect.
  • Ummm, yeah. I have Logic, I know it's possible to wire it up to do be a looper but it's really complicated and gets in the way of a spontaneous idea...which is why Loopy is so great.

    I've not used Ableton but seen it in action, is it possible to loop in this way with minimal effort?
  • Not really, Ableton is pretty intense, it does some amazing things but I've always found it to hard to just plug and play.

    I've been messing with loop based music for over 10 years and nothing on PC/Mac really gives me the freedom to just plugin and go.
  • TaySte, if you have a PC and are still looking for a looper for it, do check out ambiloop. Certainly not as lovely to look at as Loopy (not much is) but dead simple to use. 8 loops at once with bouncing, everything laid out on the screen, plain as day. Plus it has reverse, half speed, simple effects and long decay looping. Ha, can you tell I miss it?
  • On the Mac, the only looper plugin that comes close to loopy is Mobius 2. Try it out.
  • Yeah I've heard good things about Mobius, but so far Loopy HD is blowing my mind :D
  • What about MainStage?
  • Mainstage have a Looper but it have only 1 track.
    With Loopy (or Mobius on Mac) you have respectively 6 or 8 Track (6, 9, 12 in Loopy HD).
  • With MainStage you can create your own Project with how many tracks you want...
    BTW I agree that with Loopy HD you can start jamming right after installing it :-)
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