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Foot controller set up

So I'm brand new to Loopy and just purchased a Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller. I was wondering how everyone has their foot controllers set up as far as what commands where and what not to be most efficient for different scenarios. Any suggestions about what you guys find to work out best are appreciated! Thanks and I look forward to getting into the app and getting the most out of it I can!


  • Hold Function in parenthesis:

    1: Toggle Mute Track 1 (Clear Track 1)
    2: Toggle Mute Track 3 (Clear Track 3)
    3: Toggle Mute Track 5 (Clear Track 5)
    4: Reset Session
    5: Pause and Restart
    6: Toggle Record and Overdub T1
    7: Toggle Record and Overdub T3
    8: Toggle Record and Overdub T5
    9: Hi-Band Filter (Audiobus)*
    10: Lo-Band Pass (Audiobus)*

  • Thanks man I appreciate the input. Curious why you are only using odd tracks? Any reason for that? I'm still waiting to receive necessary hardware to connect my new toy up to loopy so I can't play with it yet. Good to know you have an fcb1010 also in case I come up with any issues. Any complaints with it?

  • I use the odd numbers because I use the ipad in the landscape setting. The bottom 3 loops are 1,3, and 5. I generally stick to 3 loops. Worth mentioning that "Toggle Mute" really works as a record button, then after you record something it turns into a play/stop button.

    My biggest complaint of the fcb1010 is that the buttons are not reliable all the time. My one button has already started acting up. I'm now building my own pedal because of it. I used it for about 18 months and I loved it tho.

  • Gotcha so then you have each of the three tracks with play/stop and then overdub right under them if im doing that difficult math correctly. That's smart I like that. good to know about the buttons I'd be happy if I got 18 months tho I'm sure I'll look to upgrade by then. Do you use the pedals much?

  • Yes. The pedal that went bad was the toggle mute track 1, so it was always the first button pressed in every song.

  • I just bought this thing cheap on eBay (£36). Now I'm reading some reviews and finding many confused users searching for a manual which is nowhere to be found. From the pic it seems self explanatory that some pedals transmit PC and some CC messages so I didn't do much thinking before getting it. Now I'm slightly worried, is anybody using this?

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