Echo from other loops.

Hi everybody,
I'm a new user of Loopy Hd, so I understand that I'm probably just missing something simple. When I record a new loop, I get a low volume copy/echo of the other loops I've recorded coming out on the loop I'm currently recording. This happens even if those other loops are turned off. Also, if I have, say, an fx app in the middle of an Audiobus chain, all the loops I've already recorded onto Loopy are filtered through the fx app, not just whatever I'm using in stage one of the Audiobus chain.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.


  • It sounds like you've got sound bleeding between loops when you are recording. For example you record 2 drum loops and a guitar on loops 1 -3. While these are playing back, you record a vocal part on loop 4, but loops 1-3 get recorded very faintly as well. So when you mute everything except loop 4, the vocal loop plays back but the audio from the other loops also got recorded and so you still hear them.

    This can happen:

    1. when your mic is picking up audio from speakers or the PA. Solve this by recording with headphones.

    2. when you record into your iPad thru the 1/8" headphone/mic jack. There is always a bit of cross-talk between the line in and speaker out. Solve this by purchasing a Digital audio interface to record into your iPad. Options here:

  • Hi HMTX,
    Thanks very much for your reply. Sorry that I've only just had a chance to get back.
    It has been exactly as you described in your first paragraph. I always record with phones, so I ruled out #1 possibility. The second possibility I also ruled out, as the problem occurred even when recording from the Sunrizer synth app, for example. Or any app in the Audiobus chain.
    Today I've just been randomly turning settings on and off. Turning off "monitoring" solved the problem, but of course that means I can't hear what I'm playing or singing into a new loop. Anyway, I turned the other settings on and off before finally going back to just having monitoring on..... and now there seems to be no "bleeding"?? Maybe it was just a glitch that needed to be "shaken" out. Who knows. The other problem I had, that of the already recorded loops being processed through aufx app in the middle of the audio chain, along with whatever I was using at stage one of the chain, also seems to have resolved.
    It seems to be connected to monitoring somehow. Hopefully, it won't start up again.
    Anyway, tanks again for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.

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