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Ambient experimental live radio improvisation with loopy

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since 2003 I did a radio show on our local free radio station in Erfurt (www.radio-frei.de) playing songs and doing interviews with bands. Nothing special.

Now I thought it´s time to try out something new, so I decided to broadcast a 60min. songwriting show, recording me while I jam in my home studio or my rehearsal room.

I know it´s not for everyone and experimental, hard to listen too, but maybe someone get´s inspired and motivated to do music, even if you´re not a musician.

I´ll try to do this every 2nd Saturday 9pm.

This is the piece of my 2nd session:

And here´s the video, how I got to the song (sorry German only):

Fender Jazzmaster into pedaltrain Pedalboard Strymon Mobius, EHX Pog2, El Capistan, BigSky + Teenage Engineering OP1 into
iconnect audio 4+ Audio Interface into
ipad Air with Audiobus, samplr - loopy into
gopro cam.


  • Great piece...loved it! Post more stuff :)

  • Thanks Mate. Really appreciated! Try to post a new episode every 2nd Saturday.

  • Sounds good and it's a great idea. Keep inspiring others to jam. ( I see your E-bow is sitting there waiting for you to use it)

  • Nice one! Wow, you're in Erfurt! So's Sebastian! (my business partner)

  • It´s a nice city. Come over for a visit. I owe you a hug and beer, for the great app you made. I read about Sebastian. Genius, too.

  • n13n13
    edited July 2015

    Next episode is up! Cheers.


  • @n13 Question in the iConnectAudio4+,

    Does it have direct monitoring? I love all of the other features on it! But haven't seen much about direct monitoring. That's a key feature for me as it's what I use for my live sound.

    Also, when dealing multIple outs, which out did you use as a main output? I know there are four, but does the iPad see that in Audiobus so you know which output is the main out with all your loops and instruments?

    I've only used a 2i2o soundcard before so I wasn't completely understanding.

    Great stuff by the way. I've watched and listened a couple times now!

  • n13n13
    edited August 2015

    @ABrokenRecord Hi and thanks for your comment.

    Honestly I don´t know the answers exactly...
    Direct Monitoring: I don´t think so. But my findings are, that if you set the buffer size to about 256 it´s working pretty good, even with vocals. So yes there is monitoring, but with a little latency, thats almost not noticeable.

    I don't think, that you can select an output pair in audiobus. You can select the inputs. On the other hand you can route the inputs, iOS and usb signals differently via the iconfig app. It´s pretty big, but I don´t think you can split the iOS audio signal to different audio outputs. Please check out their forum. They are really cool and answer fast. They even featured me and loopy on their page...



    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks for the response. I'm worried that even that little bit of latency is going to be too much, especially when beatboxing. I may find one to try out.

  • Yeah, I asked on that forum and he wrote that up! Awesome stuff

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