any device work like the alesis io dock?

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Dear all looper,

May i have your recommendation on any device that work like the io dock?Also, please suggest me a midi controller pedal that can make my hand free, thousand of thanks!!



  • Works nice with the alesis dock. As for midi control I have the softstep. But I am looking forward to be able to use a double switch pedal into the alesis dock. Problem for now: one knob sends start stop commands and cannot be rerouted as a midi funtion in loopy. The another knob sends cc64 and can already be used. However as it is now one button is not enough...

    1. Behringer FCB1010 (110€) (Complete, robust, full programmable, but very large)
    2. CICOGNANI MIDI MF 24 (130€) (All steel, mono configuration and only 6 pedals)
    3. KEITH MCMILLEN SOFTSTEP (250€) (All rubber and plastic, very light, but only USB and too expensive for me).

    For the FCB1010 you can found some topic with the search function... ;)

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