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Okay, I'm using my iPhone to record a session. I hit the Record button, the bar turns red, I hit Play and start layering and starting/stopping loops, then hit Pause. The recording is saved on my phone but when I try to listen back to it all I get is dead air. Nothing I was playing in Loopy HD was recorded. What setting am I missing here? I have nothing plugged into my phone currently.


  • could you please describe once more the steps you did when recording
    1. the loops
    and 2. the session?
    did you record the loops with the internal mic?

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    The loops were imported from Figure using my iPhone 5s. I created 3-4 loops, then hit the RECORD button in Loopy, and started/stopped various loops to create a composition. When I hit "pause" in Loopy, and try to listen to my recording, all I hear is dead air. Is recording a session as easy as hitting the "play" button after selecting REC in settings? I've tried recording the same session several times, after going into iPhone Settings > Privacy and turning OFF the mic for Loopy. The first time it recorded the loops, but the beginning was cut off. The 2nd and 3rd time nothing was recorded. Everything seems to be inconsistently working/not working.

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    @mole555 - recording starts when you tap the REC button and stops when you tap the Rec button the next time. Every track/loop is recoreded as you play it in loopy. If you want external audio (e.g. mic, audio interface channel or AudioBus channel) recorded also, then enable "Live input recording" under Settings.

    Starting and stopping the recording is a little bit "sloppy" shall we say, in that unless you start your loop playing immediately after tapping the REC button, you will end up with silence from the time you tap the REC button until the time you start or unmte your first loop. And of course the opposite for ending the recording, in that unless you tap the REC button immediately after ending what you want recorded, there will be silence until the REC button is tapped.

    Usually I edit the Recording Beginning and End in something like AudioShare or some other App that allows editing.

  • hey, @mole555, don´t be angry. and don´t turn off the internal mic for loopy. it should be on all the time.
    when it´s turned off you can´t record anything. for music apps to work the internal mic has always to be turned on.
    last year when i started with ios music i faced the same problem.
    and as you can see in this forum, the guys here take care about most everything.
    and i think it was @ganthofer who helped me the first time i asked something related to loopy.

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