Homemade bluetooth MIDI footpedal

OK, pictures will have to wait, but I'm so excited to have successfully built a homemade footpedal to use with Loopy HD. Testing over next couple weeks and will post results. 7 buttons and shift function for 6 additional commands = total 13 bindings. Total cost: $22


  • @Htmx - Looking forward to seeing your creation.

  • Ive made a usb, wireless & bluetooth ipad page turner before
    Checkout my Korg Nanokontrol v1 MIDI pedal board

    12 Button looper, 6 effects, 4 scenes + external volume pedal input :D

  • yeah, I saw that beast! so impressive.

    I'm afraid you'll be underwhelmed when you see mine. ...steampunk comes to mind, not in a good way, lol.

  • also, I have a fear that programming an arduino would suck the time and energy and joy out of making music for me. I'm sure its not that bad, but ... not planning to go anywhere near that stuff ;-b

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    No programming on my setup. Basically strip the board bare and rewire :D

    Trying to find a reasonably priced Korg nanoKontrol v1 was the hard part and with the scene button it opens up a multitude of extra buttons available unlike the v2

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