iRig Blueboard - Long Press - Help

Hi there - I noticed someone had an issue with the hold function executing for any press of that assigned pedal when in cc mode on the FCB 1010. 'ABrokenRecord' figured out that the FCB 1010 needed to be configured to 'send notes' in order for the hold binding to work. -

I have a newly acquired iRig Blueboard - and am trying to figure out the best way of setting it up. I figure CC Mode will at least give me 8 functions with the four pedals (normal press and long press on each of the 4 pedals). However I am experiencing the exact same problem described in the thread link above; when I assign a 'midi on" (e.g 'Record') and a different 'midi hold' function (e.g clear track) for the same pedal - any press of the pedal seems to only execute the clear track function assigned in the hold binding.

I cannot find any information online regarding the Blueboard 'sending notes'. I'm a newb - but my understanding is that cc mode is the mode for sending notes.??

Any advice on how to set it up would be welcome. I'm contemplating cc mode because of the hold functionality. If I go down the route of PC mode - I'm faced with changing banks if I want any more than 4 pedal functions assigned. However loopy does not indicate which bank a midi device is residing on - so concerned pc mode might get a bit confusing if I try more than one bank.

Any thoughts anyone?


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