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FIXED: June 1 update crashes Loopy on iOS 7.1.2 iPad 2

edited June 2015 in Support and Feedback

Not much more to say... I've tried rebooting the iPad and it didn't help; crash is almost instant.


  • oh no, not happy to hear about this. it may be time to upgrade to iOS 8. what is holding you back? I know that Apple's beta testing is no longer available for iOS 7 so problems like this are more likely to come up. I've got an iPad on iOS 7 as well. I'm not updating any of my apps and don't plan to until I decide to go to iOS 8.

  • I'm ready to update my iPad Air, but an iPad 2 is too old to run iOS 8 smoothly. It used to run Loopy and other apps of its own era perfectly well. The obvious solution is upgrading to newer hardware (which I did a year and a half ago). But a couple iterations of that gets expensive, fast. I'm also concerned about the environmental impact of "disposable" computers.

  • Totally agree on that, can I ask why you updated Loopy this time? It has happened to me in the past by accident

    I've got the older version 1.4.10 running with no problems on iOS 7

  • 1.4.13 is running OK on my iPad air(1) on iOS 7.1.2. Makes me wonder what could be so different in the hardware that makes it crash on your iPad 2.

  • I updated to test a fix for a bug that I reported earlier.

  • Fixed by (1) saving all Loopy folders to computer with iTunes file sharing, (2) deleting app on iPad 2, (3) reinstalling Loopy HD on iPad, (4) compressing all Loopy folders on computer and adding the resulting .zip file to Loopy with iTunes file sharing. Note that steps 1 and 4 are only necessary if you have sessions you want to keep. Judging from what I could see of Loopy when it was crashed, I'm guessing the app was open when I updated.

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