Three Blind Mice

First time poster; I'm looking for my first looping app (or hardware, if it goes that way instead).

My question has to do with whether Loopy can handle rounds (perpetual canons; The test case is whether I could, using Loopy, sing "Three Blind Mice" by myself in the way you usually do with a group of people. Can it be done, and in a fairly straightforward way? Are there other tools better for the job?

If this is already addressed in another discussion (in a way comprehensible to someone who has not yet used the app), a link to that discussion would be appreciated.



  • Simple, absolutely can be done in Loopy HD.

    You won't find a more versatile setup that is so cheap as far as initial investment.(just buy the app and use headphones)

    And Loopy can be built up to be a full stage capable looper with the right hardware.

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