Start loop of different lengths on the same beat?

Hi to everybody on the forum, I'm new here and also fairly new to loopy hd. I'm trying to use this great little app as a replacement for ableton and I'm running into some problems which are of the chorus/verse/bridge type. I have searched the forums but I havent found a solution yet. Here's the problem:
Song is laid out in 4 or 8 bar parts, but with two bars in between chorus and verse.
I use count in recording set to master clock. When recording everything is in sync, when I try to play back, my recording is in time but four bars too late. I know I can adjust the beginning, I just don't see myself doing that while trying to focus on singing, playing the guitar and getting the mute/ play and record right. Is there a way to let two loops start at the same time even though they are four and eight bars long respectively?


    i saw your user name and thought you could read this...
    and that:
    there might be previous threads that broach the subject (verse/chorus) but the above mentioned i know best.
    maybe it helps.

  • My last reply on this post may be helpful to you:

    Currently, the only way I know of working with different length tracks and starting them in sync. Midi binding "Restart session" or "toggle session pause and restart" may work better in some situations. Also the ability to send multiple midi messages with one button or tap is almost required. e.g. restart session, toggle mute track x, toggle mute track y, ....

  • Thanks for the help so far and sorry for not replying as fast as you guys did, I was ill for the last two days. I'll try of the restart session binding will work. If not, I guess I'll have to re-arrange the song.

  • Mobius had this feature that was really helpful for this kind of thing. You could write a "script", basically a list of commands to execute, and then assign the script to a midi message. Unfortunately, on a pc or mac, this was a text file, something kind of foreign to an ios device. But maybe a Record button for actions instead of audio, saved to the session and then assignable to midi bindings would work?

    I am going to give MidiBridge a try, has anybody tried that for this sort of thing?

  • After a fair amount of fussing, I'm almost there with MidiBridge and my old Meico Patch Commander that sends out program change messages only. Each input message results in multiple output messages that are bound to Loopy actions. I have hit one roadblock I wonder if somebody has found a way around. 2, 4, 8, 16 bar lengths, no problem, the half and double bindings work fine. I have a tune with an 8 and 12 bar sections. Any suggestions for how to go from 8 to 12 bars with midi bindings?

    Two simple (I'd think) feature requests related to this. I have settled that having a session for each song that has the tempo, perhaps a couple of prerecorded loops, is the way to go for any more complicated scenario. If the re-record feature would somehow optionally respect the original length of the loop instead of the current bar length, you would just setup the different sections in blank loops of the correct length and save then to the session.
    Then you could use previous next bindings as I do in simpler songs to select those loops and rerecord with the predetermined length. Another version is a feature to "record a new track like this one", again copying the length , volume, panning and so one from the track instead of the loopy settings.

    The other feature that seems simple enough. Under bindings, add a "create button" feature. The button would appear in the tracks area. Hold the button and it starts recording the next actions you take: select tracks, mute, unmute, change bar length whatever. With another tap, it stops recording, prompts for a name. Subsequently, a tap executes those actions. Another press and hold lists the actions in order in a list to be edited, using the same functionality as the midi bindings to add and remove actions. In the midi section, the button would show up similar to tracks. You do add binding, and any buttons you have would be shown in a list to be selected. Viola.

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