Master reverb

Hey again I got another question. I had the idea to use audio bus to send the final outputs of loopy hd to the inputs of ad 480 basic. It is super lunch and great for when I hit pause all tracks with my foot switch. the hard stop becomes much more musical with the decay. Also it's nice to feel like they are in the same world. BUT it crashes loopy when I run things this way. I am running the duet to bring in a mic and a guitar. The guitar through amplitube the voice straight to loopy. Am I trying to do something it is not designed for? Or is this a bug? It's an iPad Air 2 and everything but the audio stuff is closed.


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  • This should work fine. I have done the same thing, with even more complicated routing and it did not crash my iPad Mini 2. I was using AUFX: Space as a final reverb

  • It crashes after about an hour

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  • Latest Loopy version now has builtin master reverb! Thanks for the love, Michael.

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