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how to record on two tracks in stereo at the same time?

Hi, is there any way to send stereo audio from two external sources (guitar and microphone) and record separately on two tracks without that it is in mono?


  • Recording two mono sources can be done thru audiobus. select each input separately in audiobus "Input" and then a single output of Loopy HD.

    Recording them as separate tracks is trickier, maybe too complicated to bother. I think you would have to run Loopy HD and Loopy simultaneously thru audiobus and send guitar to one app and mic to the other.

  • Audiobus multi route, right? I have old version only.

  • Has anyone tried to connect a mic to this cable interface a hub for direct recording on the iPad?

  • Correct. My idea would require the multi- routing purchase in Audiobus.

  • I really liked your idea. just do not know if my iPad mini retina will like it too. because the processing loopy, loopy HD, AudioBus multi-route, drum perfect, ad reverb and more audioshare simultaneously, it may be too much for him.

  • I haven't tried this setup but I imagine mini retina iPad could handle it fine. You may want to pick a reverb app that is low on CPU usage. (AUFX: space for example )

  • ok, I think I'll risk it, then I notice if it worked :)

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    well, just to update. I researched in other forums and contacted some developers on the issue. iPad recognizes only one audio interface. besides, iPad mini retina not resist all apps mentioned at the same time. I will look for another solution.

  • Hi @Hmtx, which you use iPad? does Aufx is lighter than Ad480 free? on my iPad mini retina the ad480 it was too heavy with AudioBus and recording in Audioshare is full of crackles and locked.

  • I use iPad mini 2 64GB on iOS 7. I really don't know if AUFX works better than ad480 with CPU load. For sure there are issues that come up as you begin to run lots of apps together. If you are getting crackles, it may be your buffer rate. Try setting your buffer to 256 or 512. You have to close all apps, open Audiobus, set the latency, then open your other apps and they will match to what you set in Audiobus.

    I will have to test this setup again when I get the chance next week. I haven't really needed to run Loopy HD and Loopy together.

  • Yes, I was in 256, had to increase to 512 and got better. thank you

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