New to Loopy - Need some input on equipment (should this be in techniques?)

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Hiya folks,

as the title states.. i'm new to loopy but have been looping at live-gigs for the last 5 years or so..
Here's some vids so you know what my current setup is like:

Current Hardware setup:
Loads of Instruments & Vocal Mic -> 8-Channel-mixer->Stereo Boss RC-50 -> PA


Looping 2 x Dual guitar/2 x bass/Vocals+2nd harmony:
Looping 2x Guitar/1xBass/1xBanjo/2xVocals:

I just bought myself an ipad air2 - my old ipad1 couldn't hack audiobus - and am wondering what other gear i'll need.

In an ideal situation..
-1 Play an instrument and sing simultaneously but have the the options of recording: none/one/both
-2 Use ampltitude (or something similar) for guitar/vocal effects
-3 A decent analog-2-midi app for playing keyboards/cello whatever on the guitar
-4 leave the bass at home ;)
-5 Do all (at the very least most) of the above option switching (to a pre-programmed degree) via foot-pedal.

-4 is really important because tbh i've no patience for playing around with settings and apps before a song
finally presents itself to the listener. Call me old-fashioned.. but i can't stand the same 16 bars gettting multi-layered untill the song actually gets around to being played.

So, i've got the Ipad, asides from Loopy, i'll be needing audiobus/aplitube or similar / a midi/bluetooth pedal / an analog-midi input device.

I'd be gratefull for any suggestions as to recommended hardware or links to videos.



  • hi alasdair,
    i hoped you would come here sooner or later. i know you and your music from bremen, germany.
    i didn´t see you performing live ( i missed your gig at ´orange´) but watched all the videos on youtube and therefor i roughly know what you are doing.
    i too loop/ed with rc 50, rc 300. last year i started looping with loopy and came to this forum every day since then.
    the guys here helped me a lot.
    i started this german thread:
    there i posted some links to stuff that i recommended.
    but if you search this forum here you will find much more suggestions (videos too).

    do you prefer recording the whole piece of music in one piece or do you like verse, chorus, bridge you can do this with rc50?
    ...don´t fiddle around with a blootooth-pedal. it´s only good for apps that are in the foreground.
    when you have loopy in the background while switching some other apps, it won´t be possible to operate loopy.

  • I've got a MIDI/Bluetooth 4-button pedal for sale in the Marketplace section above, if you're interested. It's the iRig Blueboard.

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    Small world LOL.. out of all the countries on the planet.. here's someone from just around the corner. :)

    I think i'm going to have to come round to bremen with all my gear... i was just reading your thread on the musikerboard and am i wrong to assume record loops of different length and play them back unsynced.. ie 8-bars verse. 12-bars bridge etc. etc or am i just missing the how-to??

    So from what i've gathered: non-syncing of varied length loops and having loopy in the foreground are it's current limitations?

    What about a pedal for controlling loopy .. ie the rudiments delete/next/pan/volume etc.. I'm for the most part a live musician.. so i need something at least as easy as a foot-driven rc-50 (which i love...) .. in between changing loops i'm basically changing instruments which is great when it's foot-controlled.. but probably a real pain when using the touchscreen.

    Thanks for the app-links, they look like they will do nicely ;)...

    What about actual analog-digital hardware... at home i have the old alesis io-dock with a lighting connector.. but ideally i'm looking for omething else (too much hardware to carry around.. and wall-sockets to find).. preferrably something with 2 assignable inputs ie. cinch -> BIAS FX -> loopy and xlr ->voice rack->loopy....

    @ owi.. i'm still trying to work out who you might be LOL
    @owin & kyle thanx for the input..

    What kind of hardware would any of you recommend for multi-track simultaneous recording ie. an xlr-mic input and a cinch guitar.. bear in mind this is for a live setup and not a clunky home setup.. in fact it would probably even suffice to record one and play-thru the other??


  • ...from the bottom up:
    what about this?.
    it´s bus powered (no wall wart/but you might need a powered usb hub/maybe a power bank), with two inputs, 4 outputs (you might appreciate this for future aspects), midi i/o (you need this).

    yes, owi is owin. i had to create a new account because of login via facebook.

    i own more pedals than i can manage all at once. preferably i take this one for loopy:
    it´s pricier but lightweight, bus powered, functionally adequate.
    here is a thread for diy-pedal (lightweight, bus powered, cheep and cheerful)

    and now..this will take some explaining (but you might know this already):

    @Michael said:
    Hey Otis - the verse/chorus workflow isn't directly addressed yet in Loopy, aside from the additional MIDI bindings (Toggle record, then record next track, Mute and play next muted track). I plan to dig into this properly for an upcoming project =)

    i usually sync loopys tracks. that eases dealing with track magement. then loopy starts recording/playback at 12:00 and ends at 12:00.
    all tracks are synced...that means 8-bars verse and 12 bars-chorus start/end (recording/playback) at the same time (12:00).
    lets say you have muted verse (8 bars), chorus plays back (12 bars). now you want to mute chorus and play back verse by tapping some/one binding/s via footpedal:
    chorus is muted at 12:00, verse unmuted at 12:00.
    now the other way round:
    verse (8 bars) will play back 8 bars + 4 bars, then mute. chorus starts playback at 12:00...(for 12 bars).

    if you don´t sync the tracks you will have poor timing.

    loopys tracks run permanently (until you stop the clock). they don´t stop. you only can toggle/mute them.

    when track sync is engaged all tracks run muted/unmuted, starting at 12:00/ending/toggle at 12:00.

    that means, loopy is not a rc 50 and can not deal with verse/chorus/bridge like some hardware loopers.
    equal track length is best workaround.

    the foreground-subject was related to bluetooth pedals.
    a bluetooth pedal needs the app in the foreground (to operate with). this is not loopy-specific. it´s system-related.
    if the app is in the background for some reason you can´t control it with the pedal until it´s in the foreground again.


  • Owi... thanx for all the pointers!

    So, the bottom line is seeing as the loops run continuously and never stop but instead are only toggled/muted
    then the only work-around is to keep loops at identical lengths (or logical devisors thereof)
    So, verse,chorus,bridge have to be of equal length?

    My own stuff, the hawaiian stuff and even all the celtic slip-jigs i play have really wierd timings and are basically
    non-applicable in loopy. Even the bluegrass stuff i play.. the banjo's allways slightly in front and the guitar is laid way back behind the beat.

    Shit. That sucks.

    Do you gig or just a home-setup?

    I'd be interested to drive by Bremen and check out your setup nonetheless.

  • tomorrow is a gig with loopy as my only looper. then we will see how it goes. i´ll get back to you.

  • besides...the timing (laid back etc.) is not the problem. but you should hear the metronome or a recorded loop that gives you the basic beat. from there you can play laid back or in front of that. and the lenght of a loop is any desired. recently i use a binding that records without count in/out. i have then to tap in time to start and end recording. and it´s good for overdubs (punch in/out). only the sequential recording/playback of tracks is tricky.

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