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Good afternoon!

Your Loopy is amazing! I used to live and I have gotten great results. I'm just missing a midi function not found. I need to stop and play a selected track, so that when she vote, back at the beginning of the recording.

Thank you and congratulations!


  • is your loopy-version english or german? i need to know this because i´d like to post hardcopies of my settings but i only have german descriptions and i dont know if you could read this.

  • The version is English, but settings transcripts would be welcome in any language.
    I manage to translate.Also I do not understand English. rss
    I am Brazilian.

  • here is a description of stopping loopy at once with one step on your foot controller and start all tracks from the top (12:00) with another step on the same pedal. but that is not what you want, i´m afraid.
    when you want to start a track from the beginning you have to wait until the cycle is fished.
    while in the preferences is a setting where you can say that loopys tracks shall not be synchronized.
    but that as well might not be what you are looking for.
    could you please explain once more what you really like to achieve?

  • I need to pause and restart function for only one track, the guitar track in the case, while the drum loop continues. I do not know whether you can pause a track while the others continue. With mute the track continues running. With the unmute function the loop back at the point that is. I need it back at the initial time (12:00), but only the guitar track.

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    @Gera - Loopy has only one Clock and all tracks are either running or paused/stopped. The only trick that might help you, is if the 12:00 point in the Drum loop coincides with the time that you want to unMute (actually reset) the guitar loop. If so, then "Restart session" will reset (all loops) both the drum loop (which would already be at 12:00) and the guitar loop ( which is not at 12:00) to 12:00. You would also need to unMute the guitar loop immediately after this.

  • Thank you, @Ganthofer!
    I suspected be impossible to pause only a track. I tried your solution and it worked perfectly. Just press the two buttons blueboard key simultaneously. Very good!

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