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Free fall looping

As per title. This is edited version as there were long stretches of me scrolling through samplr samples. iPad Mini retina on IOS8.3

Audiobus preset 'Click': http://preset.audiob.us/j6ur9Ydrr8Yt6ee



  • Cool @Supadom,

    I happen to be blind so I can't "watch" what you're doing in the video.

    If you don't mind, could you please give me a little rundown of the workflow you used to create this piece of music?
    I'm curious to know what apps made the sounds. Also, did you use any hardware controllers for your synth sounds?

    You mentioned an audiobus preset for the click. Or did you mean that we should "click" on that link to get your audiobus preset?

    Cool stuff?
    Did you use any pedals?


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