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next song with cc# command?

There is already some command cc # so you can change file (prev and next) by mídi pedal, without touching the screen? the idea is to have empty files, but with time and pre-set bars. thus, a live performance would be all much more convenient and fast.


  • you could prepare a session with tempo and everything set as you like and load it and perform then.

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    then friend, that's what I want to do. ex. The song A (80 rpm, 4/4), song B (120 rpm, 6/8), etc. And with just a touch of the pedal (FCB1010) can move to the next song to be performed, already pre-configured.
    There is already some way to do this? For Loopy will be in the background and is a lot of work to do that every new song I'll run.

  • There's a chance @Michael has a vested interest for us to keep his app in the foreground, at least for some of the time ;)

  • Hi @Supadom, but are suggestions from users that allow make apps better and better. And not to be in the background on ipad screen that will become less important. iOS only allows one app at a time on the screen, so there's plenty to do in this regard. Let's wait @Michael has to say about it.

  • It's not a bad idea - I'll keep it in mind for Masterpiece; I don't think it's very achievable in Loopy in the short term...

  • ok @Michael, but I thank for return

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