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Heads up about successfully mapping Midi Hold

So it seems that the new Midi Hold functionality is detecting the time between CC Value 127 and CC Value 0. Unfortunately, my midi controller (FCB1010) does not send CC Value 0 on release (Only CC Value 127 when pressed). So ALL of my Midi CC Ons are interpreted as Midi CC Holds.

I resolved this by sending Midi Notes from my controller (which intrinsically send Note Offs).
Thought this'd be useful for others.


  • Thanks for the heads up. I was just noticing this using the SoftStep2. However, on SoftStep2 your workaround of using "Note" events doesn't apply because on SoftStep2 the Note Off is not intrinsic -- it is triggered on Foot Off.

    So... What I've done on SoftStep2 is to bind to CC "Off" events. These events are sent only on Foot On by routing them through a Toggle table with both min and max set to 0:

    Foot On -> Toggle with min=0 & max=0

    When I add the binding, I choose the CC Off (middle) option.

    NOTE: This custom Hold detection seems a bit fragile. Anything other than a quick jab is likely to be interpreted as a Hold. At the least there should be an option to disable it if it is not desired.

  • I mentioned this before on another thread. It's an easy fix, but one that I had to play around with for a while to figure out.

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