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latency when activating the foot controller (V.1.4.12 beta)

Hi, in version 1.4.12 there is a long delay when activated by the foot controller (FCB1010) to start recording. curiously when triggered only play continues in real time.


  • I had this too in my setup.
    I looked at the midi preferences and there it was.
    In my case CC 64 was assigned for recording a loop, but now you can choose between note on, note off and hold. It was set on start record by note off, so that's when I released the pedal. I corrected it to record by note on, saved it and now it works again like a charm.

    Maybe it's that simple in your case too...

  • Hi @Loopbates67
    in my case, the problem is with "prime recording".

  • See my configuration

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