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How can I organise my sessions

Good day, Hi Michael!
I use Loopy a lot in my band and live in combination with my blueboard and iodock. I miss the abillity to organise my sessions; so I can easily find them and order them like in my setlist. Maybe even a live setup, so you can Swipe through sessions when you are performing live. Also i'd like to export my sessions, for Back-up, or even to put them on the ipad of other band members as a Back-up option. I really like Loopy, it's a great app to make music with!

Thank You!

Kind regards
Emily from Holland


  • I can chime in with this request. It seems like the last modified session goes to the top of the list but that makes looking for sessions a bit of a nightmare. I'd love to be able to have them in alphabetical order. @Michael?

  • Good ideas, guys! Lemme think about this

  • Need folders..

  • Agreed. Next version's going to sort alphabetically, but folders I haven't addressed yet, I'm afraid. It's a first step =)

  • TomTom
    edited July 2015

    Doh! All my sessions are now alphabetically sorted. I kept the ones i use for live performances on the top op the list by re-saving them.
    Oh well, adding a . before the name does the trick now.
    Although, i did like my "unnamed" / "automatic date named" sessions from loopy, to show up on the top of the list, as reminders to work out the sessions and name them.

    Yep, folders.

  • New version coming right now that has an option in Settings, General =)

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