DIY bluetooth pedal from keyboard

Can anybody confirm that it will work to modify a BT keyboard, like iwalk or rapoo, to be a foot controller for loopy?
And wired usb keyboard, any will work?


  • A BlueTooth keyboard ( data entry, for typing) should work fine, the catch is that loopy has to be in the fore ground (visible on the screen) , it won't work with loopy in the background.

    As for a wired USB keyboard, if you are talking about the same thing ( data entry, for typing), I don't believe so. If it does work, it would have the same restriction that loopy has to be in the foreground.

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    Actually, yes, a standard USB keyboard should also work when plugged into a CCK or lightning to USB camera adapter.

    edit: just checked and yep, it works. You can save bindings under the bluetooth keyboard bindings, even though it is actually a wired USB.

  • Yes it works. Got the Cheapest usb keyboard, great and cheap solution for foot midi controller

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