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ASSIGNABLE ACTIONS and option suggestions

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ASSIGNABLE ACTIONS suggestions. Actually i used this actions in SooperLooper.

  1. Add option “SELECT ALL”
    Example: For PANNING ALL / REVERSE All / VOL ALL (in-out options)

  2. Add action “UNDO/REDO”.
    Example: UNDO LAST ACTION (Delete overdub only, for example. )

  3. Add individual action “TOGGLE MUTE”.
    (Individual) (only mute) (no mute or recording) (TOGGLE MUTE ALL is available for full and empty tracks.
    [If is empty=none, if is full=Toggle Mute]

  4. Add individual action "TOGGLE RE-RECORD"( with confirmation if track is full)
    Delete existing record and record new track (no overdub) (overwriting).
    If track don't like this option is very fast. [If track is empty=record. If track is full = overwrite]

  5. Add "UN-MUTE"
    Example: If i mute tracks 1, 3 and 6 and i selected "RESTART SESSION".. i need UN-MUTE ALL.

    Example: For Fader controls. If you use different instruments is very interesting because de volumes are not the same.

  7. Add “VOLUME OUT” (out mix)
    Example: Volume "Select All" or volume out + down fader= fade out, for end songs) ;)

  8. SEPARATE or add INDIVIDUAL COMMANDS. It’s a good idea combine actions, but for me is very dangerous. It's good to have combined and uncombined.


ADD OPTION For track:

  1. SELECT ALL Tracks


  2. TOGGLE MUTE (individual)
  4. UNMUTE (for unmute all)
  5. VOLUME IN (input gain)
  6. VOLUME OUT (mix out)


  1. SEPARATE or add INDIVIDUAL COMMANDS (no mute and record if it's blank or similar actions combined)


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    Very good suggestions. I was about to suggest something similar, but Lucas came first! :)

    Only add that it would be fantastic to be able to save presets of midi bindings.

    In general, and in my opinion, a looper needs midi the same that music needs musicians. So, why not expand midi capabilities if this app? lets be more serious, lets be pro!



  • Thank you @Jozz. this app is amazing, but actions can be better.

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