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So first of all...after months of pulling apart hardware loopers and their functions I decided the RC300 was my next step.....But wait....Damn you Loopy!! You look sooooo good!!

So here are a few questions of which I hope some of you may be able to answer...

To fill you in on the useage...complete live performing. I will be running two guitars, electric and acoustic, a cajon (either mic'd or 1/4" jack) and a vocal mic. So 3 1/4" in's and an xlr.

Whilst live layering I would like to jump from acoustic to electric and also use different guitar effects from ampkit app.

As well as different effects for vocals as these are for backing harmonies for my lovely wife to sing over (she's wired straight to pa)


What hardware would you suggest to enable connectivity of all instruments?

Would I be best to have a stomp box switcher pedal?

Can I easily jump from effects app to effects app whilst in Live loop scenario?

Now budget as always is an element so any kit that is thousands is a no go...but Im also not a tight ass a would be happy to spend on the right kit

BTW stumbling across Loopy has made me an excited wreck...If it can do all my functionality Im there baby!!

Many thanks, Much Love...Sam


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    my opinion is that hardware for ios devices is incredibly limited, there's no real clear winner. Either they're limited in functionality (apogee jam), are cheaply made (tascam iu2, alesis io dock, ampkit link), or are just intended for practice due to abysmal sound quality (irig).

    Jumping from app to app to activate effects isn't advised, for very obvious reasons if you've ever used an ios device. Especially live.
    an rc-300 will be cheaper, as it has every connection you need, is a midi master for your instruments, has a mic input, has an onboard mixer for both inputs, loops, and output, and has built in effects as well as loop effects.
    It's also built for gigging. Meaning, it's well built. ios hardware isn't built this way - it's all plastic and intended for home practice use.

    Loopy is brilliant and awesome, but it's held back drastically by the hardware scene.
  • This is what I feared unfortunately. I can completely see that this is the future of live music performance but we're not quite there yet. The behringer multi channel desk looks interesting. When they're releasing though is a different matter, can't see it being this year. Thanks for your response... My loopy bubble has been slightly deflated!!
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    Yeah the irig stomp was supposed to be released in april, but it was vaporware until (finally) this month. And even now it's only available in the states for now, it seems.

    IKMultimedia runs a tight ship. My youtube channel has been blocked from posting comments on any of their youtube videos because I once commented on a video saying "Is the crosstalk/feedback on the irig a big issue?"

    So yeah, a bit iffy. :P

    I'd keep my eyes on the new offerings by alesis, peavey, and, heck, behringer. They may be more open to feedback and such. Though I wouldn't buy the first peavey ampkit, as it's plagued with build quality problems (sadly). Wait for the ampkit HD if you're looking for something like that. Also keep in mind the irig is more expensive than the ampkit, and has less features, so it goes to show IKMultimedia's future stuff may be more expensive than other options.

    The iRig Stomp, for example, is 70$, yet it's essentially a Peavy ampkit that has a gain knob. The ampkit is 30$. It also uses the headphone jack, which is established as reducing your sound quality greatly. I'm not sure how well it's going to do, especially since it's so expensive.

    Oh, the apogee jam is great, I hear. The downside is you can't power your ios devie while you use it, so it's essentially useless onstage because you're gonna go dead within a couple hours. Something like that which allows you to charge your device is ideal.

    I think that's all I've got to say about hardware. :P Cheers!
  • @auxili - Holy crap! IK *banned* you! That's quite a thing =)
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    Guess I should show proof to show I'm not slandering or making stuff up. :P Not trying to start something, just backing up what I said.

    If their devices work for you, then great. But... yeah. :P
  • No where NEAR the Ampkit. Aluminum chassis, crafted in ITALY - not China, Stereo 1/4" outs and comes with more apps. Not to mention being able to use it on a normal pedal board.

    If you really got banned on YouTube I apologize. We have a lot of people here at IK that have access to the YouTube channel. A lot of times things get lost in translation (English not being all of our first languages over here) so if you could PM me or even let us know on twitter and I'll unblock the account.

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