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Is there a way in Loopy HD to free record without setting a certain tempo or length and then have all the other loops sync to that "master" track? I don't really want to set up tempo and length before every song. I'm a live acoustic looper and I move through songs and loops rather quickly. keeping track of how many measures i need for each song some seems a little to tasking. If not is this something that is going to be addressed in loopy:masterpiece?


  • If you start with an empty session, without the Tempo set, after your first recording Loopy will guess a the tempo and set it and the clock. This, assuming you have it configured for synchronized mode. All subsequent recordings will be sync'd from the first one.

  • That's what I was doing wrong. I wasn't resetting the session so the clock continued to run from the previous loops. I'm brand new to loopy, been using mobius 2 for awhile, so I'm still learning. That helps a ton thanks again!

  • I have having a terrible time with this. I hit the button to reset the session, start playing and then hit a midi foot switch to start the recording. I end it on the first beat and it generally sounds good and groovy. I select a new track, hit record, and it flashes waiting to record to the top of the loop. I record, and 1/2 the time when the second loop plays back, it is off by between an 16th to eighth note. I know I can tweak this, but that is definitely not what I'm after for live playing.

    Is there anything else to try?

  • I've had problems galore with the audio sync issues with my Mobius2. This pertains to the 100/120 frames per second video.

    Studying the problem clips, I found the video would stop precisely one second before the audio/clip finished.
    What to do?
    A very simple, across the board fix I found is this.
    There is a simple bit of free software where you can correct the frame rate - without any post processing required.
    It's called MKV Merge.
    What you do is drag and drop the problem file into the MKV merge window. Then highlight the video stream only. Then find the 'stretch time' section and put whatever the running time of the clip is (in seconds) then divide that by itself minus one. For example, if the clip is 5:01 then that equates to 301 seconds. Take 301 and divide that by 300.
    I just did this and it has worked perfectly.
    Again, to fix the audio sync on these Mobius2 files, -stretch- it's running time - in seconds - by itself - minus one second. Seems miniscule but trust me - it's perfect.

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