USB Mixer causing track bleed?

Hello! Okay. So I just recently purchased a Yamaha MG10XU mixer to use with Loopy. Before I just had a simple M-Audio MTrack AI. I really love this mixer, but I seem to be having a problem with track bleed in Loopy. After about 2 hours of trail and error I am giving up and asking the forum for help!

For the purpose of this experiment I am connecting an Audio-Technica ATM350 mic into the MG10XU mixer which connects directly to the iPad with the Camera Connector. I am only running Loopy, no Audiobus or any other apps. And I am using headphones, no external playback. I record my first track and everything is fine. But when I record my second loop it contains a faint recording of the first track as well. Each successive loop multiplies this problem. When I used to use the cheap AI I did not have this problem.

Does anyone have experience with this mixer or at least this problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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