Strange behavior while receiving clock from other App - Help troubleshooting

Though it was hard fought I ultimately succeeded in getting LoopyHD to follow Sync from SetList Maker. It required the use of Midibridge and if the tempo sent from SetList Maker varied a lot I'd have to stop/start loopy in order to re-quantize the loops to bar 1 (hope that makes sense).

After upgrading to 1.4.11 (and now 1.4.12) I get VERY erratic sync between the apps. Under some circumstances the metronome in loopy will be correct and in sync with the external clock but the loops will be nowhere near in sync. Other times I can't even get that far. It seems to have something to do with the App that is sending clock (in this case SetlistMaker) also receiving clock from Loopy when it starts to play. I'm not choosing to send midi clock from loopy but it seems to anyway. This didn't use to happen.

Unfortunately I upgraded Setlist Maker around the same time I upgraded loopy so I can't say if it that's not part of the problem.

In general, how best should I go about trouble shooting these sync environments? Can anyone recommend a free app that will send clock that will let me test this functionality? Will Audiobus address this? I'm struggling a lot with trying to systematically set up this environment and seem to end up resorting to just trying any/all combinations of settings hoping to stumble on a solution. I feel pretty foolish doing that especially since I've been a recording engineer for 25 years and feel pretty comfortable with MIDI and electronic music production.

Sorry to meander but I'm grasping at straws on this one....



  • Don t worry, Michael (dev) is working in this. Some days ago i reported this issue.
    He said he can fix this.

  • Bugger. Okay, let me just upload a copy of The Spectacular Sync Engine test app, which should give us an indicator of incoming signal quality. It'll take a few days for Apple to approve it for testing, though, so stand by.

  • Cool. As a test I tried LP-5 in place of LoopyHD and when sending clock from Set List Maker the tempo field in LP-5 was pretty erratic which might leave me to believe the signal quality is off somehow. Also, I tried sending clock from LP-5 to Loopy and Loopy's master tempo reliably follows external clock but clips (or tracks) still quantize poorly or not at all.

  • Okay, good to know. I've sent you a TestFlight invite for Syncy, the test app. It should give you a bit of info about how good (or bad) the source is.

  • I am not sure if this is related or not, but I also have a sync issue.. in my case on IPAD2 with LoopyHD, AudioBus, and DrumJam all clean apps. I have read on other forums, and followed some of Michael's advice, but what I am getting is that when I set to receive midi clock from DrumJam, and press Play in DrumJam ( at least for 1 bar ) the LoopyHD changes from 120 to 149 or so.. if I set the tempo manually in LoopyHD, and return to DrumJam, it jumps back UP.. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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