FCB1010 + Mi.1 = no bindings?

Hello. I am putting together a setup for some live looping sessions with my tuba. I have been using the FCB1010 for a while now but running it along with an audio interface through a usb hub. In an attempt to eliminate the convoluted signal path with the hub, I purchased the Mi.1 from Quicco Sounds. I was able to pair it with my iPad (3rd generation) and Loopy recognizes it in the MIDI settings area. But when I try to add key bindings with my FCB1010 (which I had done previously when connected via USB) Loopy does not see that I am pressing a button on the FCB. So I cannot add any bindings. When I plug the FCB back into the iPad with the USB it works perfectly again.

Can anyone provide me with some guidance? Thanks in advance. I would really like to make this work without too much hair pulling!!


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