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Is this possible? What do I need?

I'm a percussionist looking to do street performing next year... I've got my iPad, got loopy, but what I want to do requires a lot of microphones and effects.. I'll be using two steel drums which will be mic' individually, a cajon with a kick mic, a snare and hi hat with one or two mics, and a vocal mic... I know I need an interface but all the ipad ones I've looked at have two xlr inputs... And whenever I try and Google ipad mixing desk I don't get what I'm looking for... So, should be maybe using loopy for just one of the things and get a full loopstation for the rest using a regular mixer, or is there something out there that will work with the iPad and have all the inputs I need?


  • @maffew - it looks like it might work for what you describe. The most inputs I've seen on a normal audio interface is 4 ( there may be ones with more, I just haven't seen them ;-) I would definitely talk to someone who has one or test one in a music shop before spending that amount, to be sure it will in fact let you do what you want. Depending on your requirements/preference, $$ versus convenience, a CCK, 2channel audio interface and a small mixer might be the way to go. Also consider that most solutions are not going to charge the iPad while connected. So you will be either limited on choice or on playing time. Planning to control Loopy by hand or midi controller?

    loopy only records to one track at a time and must be configured to which input source(s) - 1channel-mono or 2channels-stereo(channel 1 left - channel 2 right). So the mixer really needs to be able to feed the iPad from its multiple inputs, so that you don't need to reconfigure Loopy's input selection every time you want to record a different source (instrument/vocal mic). Although AudioBus and a few more apps might solve that issue.

    I assume from the mixer selection, that power is not a problem in you street performing. And of course you'll need some sort of PA or powered speakers.

    Question: what exactly are you planning on looping, all the percussion parts as you build them and/or vocals? What effects? Hardware or iPad effects apps. You may want to checkout AudioBus for chaining iPad audio apps together.

  • I'm going to be using software fx with apps like Magellen and ivoxel.. Got audiobus already, I'll do the in app purchase to have more channels,.. Basically, I want to do this - but good, do like dub step/drum and bass http://youtu.be/wsOecYwEhak lots of fx on the percussion and mix that with a little beatboxing... But I know he's using a boss rc-300 and a mixing desk...

  • Oh and yeah, and I'd using a blutooth foot pedal for input..I know of a docking station for iPad that charges it while you use it, but I don't know if it would be compatible with all the stuff I want to use.. It's call the itrack I think... That has two xlr inputs and some other stuff...

  • @Ganthofer said:

    I assume from the mixer selection, that power is not a problem in you street performing. And of course you'll need some sort of PA or powered speakers.

    the mixing desk in the video is a large thing with more inputs you would probably need. or are less inputs (5) sufficiently dimensioned?
    my setup for busking includes (sometimes):

    the amazon links are german links. but you can look for similar products worldwide i think.

    the behringer stuff is not high quality but for playing music mixed up with noise of the environment (street)
    it´s ok for me. and everything above is battery powered. the battery capacity lasts long enough for busking anyway
    (up to 6-7 hours minimum).

    the most expencive component of that setup is this one:

    it´s also powered by the usb hub (battery/see above).

    loopy needs to be in the foreground when using a bluetooth pedal.
    (apps that you want to handle with the bluetooth pedal need to be in the foreground).
    that might suit your needs i hope.

    with this setup (plus your mics) you can make your performance plainly audible.
    additionaly you may need accessory cables , adapters and so on but mainly that should do.

  • the behringer-link above was wrong. here ist the correct one:

  • That's immensly helpful thank you! What's to you do? Do you have any videos?

  • anytime....
    ...no, there have been only a few recordings over the years but no videos.
    sometimes i play music together with others, sometimes im looping stuff on my own.
    since the sixties i´m interested in bluegrass and american music generally but love and do any kind of music that sounds harmoniously in some way. singing is my favourite activity in that regard. i ´m german-raised and lived and worked on fathers farm up to the 1970s. then started a family and worked up to now as personel officer.
    recently i´m retiered and can do what i want....finally.
    loopy is newly my preffered looper and i spend a lot of my time with it.
    the gear that i´m messing about with at the moment has to be small-size and efficient.
    that´s ok with ipad, loopy etc.
    i hope the above-mentioned suits your needs.
    maybe you´ll add one more active box to get stereo sound but then you can get along.

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