exporting through iTunes, can't see tracks?

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I've been trying to get the export through itunes feature to work; going to Apps in Itunes and selecting Loopy and going "Save to" and then selecting a folder on my Win7 desktop. I tried to export 10 recordings (I couldn't get the sessions to export at all) and all I get are 3 files without extensions with a file size of 0). Is there any help you can provide? I'd love to export my loops created in Loopy to an audio program on my desktop to share and manipulate further.



  • Hey @VinceW,

    I'm afraid iTunes on Windows is incredibly buggy - you're probably better off using iExplorer (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/31722/iexplorer/)
  • Will try and get back to you - thanks!

    By the way, Loopy rocks! Now if only I could get the dexterity to activate loops on an ipad with my feet.

    Wish list: More loops!
  • Thanks heaps!!

    Oh dear.. More loops + tinier feet, maybe?
    Sounds like someone needs a MIDI pedal!
  • No, lol, those two comments were entirely unrelated - an extra couple of loops on the screen would be pretty awesome, or even another set of loops that you could access by flick/scrolling the screen downwards would make Loopy even more powerful!
  • Wow, surely 12 loops is plenty, though, especially when you can merge tracks?
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    More loops? XD oh god no. Remember, overdubbing is a staple of the looping world.
    I think a lot of users who use loopy would be best served by practicing with a hardware looper and getting used to how they're used. Timing, overdubbing, layering. They make you appreciate loopy more. :)

    Michael, stick to your guns and implement the features you know the app needs, and keep polishing and increasing stability (to make loopy gig-worthy). Those are the most important things by far.
  • I entirely agree, @auxili =)
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