Sync Loopy on Ipad and on iphone via midi and to a Voice live 3 via USB???

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Hey guys!

Hope someone can help me here!

I have loopy HD on my iPad, and before i ask my drummer to buy loopy for his iphone, i would like to know if this is possible:

I would like to:

  • have my loopy HD sending midi tempo to my Voice Live 3 from TC Hellicon.
  • Have my Loopy HD tempo sinced wirlessly with an iphone running another instance of loopy
  • Change the tempo on the iPhone, and have my iPad assume the same tempo automaticaly, and passing the tempo info on to the VL3 via USB.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance


  • hi @ElKapone, i don´t know vl3, but when i sync my vl2 (delay etc. only/the built in looper does´nt sync) with loopy as master it works. the wireless sync connection with the iphone you might realize with this app:

  • Thanks for The tip! Unfortunately i think my drummer hás The iPhone 4 wich is not supported by that app...
    I hoped loopy could do this by it self :/

    As for the VL3, Tc recently released an update that allows it to be tempo synced as salve.

    Do You know any app that can tempo sync wirlessly ?

  • i tried to sync my two ipads (first with midi cables and then via wifi/network session) :
    one ipad air1 (8.2) runs loopy hd 1.4.11 and on the other air1 (8.2) loopy hd 1.4.12(beta).
    (tests with and without audiobus)
    1) 1.4.11 slave, 1.4.12 master: 1.4.11 metronome synced o.k. (slightly gliches).
    prerecorded tracks didn´t sync at all and audio sounded strange when the master changed tempo during playback.
    it seems that loopy 1.4.11 has totally lost sync ability.
    the following tests i did only with midi cables.
    2) boss rc 300 master, 1.4.11 slave: the same as above.
    3) rc 300 master, 1.4.12 slave: sync was alright.
    for now i have to stop testing because the ipads ( with loopy 1.4.12) battery is very low.
    i think next i ´ll try wifi sync with pc and ipad (loopy 1.4.12).
    i hope that works. i am happy that sync worked with cables.
    now i can sleep much better.
    i´ll be back in a few hours.

  • if one avoids tempo changes during playback, loopy (slave) will stay in sync with the master. you have to set master- and slave- tempo first then start recording/playback. and don´t interrupt the playback (don´t stop the midi clock). when starting midi clock again audio might not sync with the clock.
    i wrote michael an email about these things. we we´ll have to wait and see now.
    after that has been fixed i´ll examine midi over wifi to connect two ios devices running loopy/hd.

  • Thank You very much for The info owi! Will be waiting for news! :)

  • My voicelive 3 works as a midi clock slave through USB midi. I don't know about all the crazy linking wirelessly though .

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