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playing track by track

Hello, very nice product, very fun...thank you for that
I am guitarist, not beatboxer, , and my use of looping, is to record different parts and playing them one by one in a solo track manner. The problem i have is : i record 2 bar intro, then 8 bar verse track, but when i launch playing those tracks, during the first 2 bars of the intro, the second track play too , muted but playing, and even with count in/out mute, the second track wait for the forst one to finish, but play at 3rd bar, not at begining of the loop.
I m sorry for my english ;)
How could i do / configure tu play one track, then other track (with not tje same lenght, longer in my case) from its begining...
That means the count in/out function should wait for the firt loop to finish but wait stopped, or at the begining...
This is the current functionality delvered by hardware loopers as jamman or boss rc ones or boomerang for example.
Many thanks for help


  • hi olivier,
    in some other thread this behaviour of loopy might be discussed earlier but i could not find that at the moment.
    what about making an intro 4 bars long and vers 2x4bars (=8bars), chorus 3x4bars (12bars)?
    loopy will always start a track at 12 o´clock from the beginning. if you get into play mode while all the tracks
    are playing (muted) you will hear for instance bar 3 etc.
    loopy does not support the above described funktions of hardware loopers.
    when i am looping sequences (chorus/verse/etc) with odd lenght i have this workaround.
    two bars might be too short for the footwork/stepdance on the footcontroller but 4 bars generally should work well.

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